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My name is Natalie and I'm forming infatuations for the good(and bad) of human kind.

I'm also a book/fashion blogger. This isn't my blog. It's just an account I use for showing off some pretty pictures I found.

grace-lands-deactivated20130909 asked: Oh, I feel you! But the hate you get is stupid - their opinion is usually stupid anyway haha - especially if they tell you that you are misinformed, just because you don't believe in what they believe. But don't lose faith - the Libs on here may be a minority - but there are heaps of nice ones on here :~)

Thats good to know. I just get annoyed when people wont look at all the facts. When they have actually read the lnp policies then i can put up with it, but most of them haven’t. It’s my first federal election and i’m getting into it. looking at the policies online and the preferences to find out which is the best way to vote and i even went to a political debate with all of our local canditates the other night. Can’t wait to actually vote. Plus we may be the minority on tumblr, but not in the real world where it counts ;)